How to Start Seeds Quickly

How to start seeds quickly

Spring happens to be my favorite time of the year to grow food. I love that if I start early enough,  I can get plants out by the beginning of March. The last day for frost comes February 1 for my USDA growing Zone 10b, but sometimes we do have a few cold nights in February and if I put young plants out, I have to make sure to cover and protect them from frost. I started late this year but I’ve got a good start with the method I use to start seeds. The method I use sprouts seeds in two days where as normally it would take a week or more with a heat lamp. I promise if you follow this method you too will be successful in gardening.

What you’ll need:

  1. Snack size Ziploc bags
  2. Toilet paper
  3. Seeds
  4. Spray bottle filled with water
  5. Labels
  6. Permanent marker



  1. Take the toilet paper and put inside the Ziploc bag. Spray the paper with water and place a few seeds on the paper. Close the Ziploc bag and make sure all the air is out of the bag. Label the bag with the type of seed using a permanent marker.
  2. Once done, place seeds in a dark, warm place. I put the seeds in a paper bag and place on top of the refrigerator.

3. After a few days, take the seeds out and see which ones have sprouted.

4. Fill a container (such as a toilet paper tube) with seed starter soil and place the sprouted seed on top and top with a little more soil. Keep covered until the plants start to grow. I used clear plastic containers from the dollar store and covered with a lid until the plants sprout and grow at least four leaves. Once the plant has four leaves, water sparsely so that the roots can grow stronger. At this point you can replant in a bigger container where the plant’s permanent home will be.

Starting plants from seed is an economical way to reduce ones grocery bill and eat food that is free from chemicals. I’ve found that growing food is therapeutic. It’s a good feeling to walk outside and see the food growing from ones own time and effort. I hope you too will see the value of growing food for oneself and gain a love for it.


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