My Weekly Planner

A few weeks ago I created a one page weekly planner for meals and reminders. This one page has been extremely helpful in keeping my grocery shopping in check. I hate going to the store unprepared. I end up buying things I don’t need because I think I’ll use them and the money and food go to waste.

The best way to know what food I need is by creating a meal plan. I plan out my meals a week ahead of time. Sometimes two weeks ahead of time, if I’m feeling motivated. I know some people have meal plans for  a month ahead of time. I’m not there yet, but I really hope to be soon. My goal is to eventually create a master list of recipes my family will tolerate. The kids put a dent in my planning from time to time. It’s an uphill battle most days.

I keep track of the meals I will cook with Pinterest boards I’ve created for weekly meal plans. I have many cook books but I like using my phone to bring up recipes on Pinterest. It’s easy for me to just pull up the recipe while I’m cooking and read the directions on my phone. It’s also helpful in creating my shopping list because I can hold the phone and not have to carry around heavy books, looking up the ingredients I need.

I love my new planner. I keep the new week’s page on a clip board I bought at the dollar store and  I keep the board in my kitchen. I bring the clipboard with me when I go grocery shopping, I like to cross off items from my list once the item is in my cart.I also write down reminders of bills that need to be paid that week and cleaning tasks I need to get to. This one page keeps me organized and on task and has saved me a lot of time. I created a pdf of the list so that I may share with others who may be interested. Please click the link here. It will take you to the download.

I hope this page can help others. Please share with someone who may benefit. Have a wonderful day!



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